Magnetic Compensation

The QCTool compensation package includes several numerical approaches to calculating the coefficients. There is the traditional SVD approach as well as Ridge Regression, Conjugate Gradient and a Symmetric Matrix approach.

The license includes a license for EMIGMA allowing all 4 approaches as well as a QCTool license allowing only the SVD approach. Data may be compensated either in EMIGMA or QCTool. All types of coefficient calculations may be used for compensating data in QCTool as well as EMIGMA. Two additional QCTool licenses for survey compensation are included in the package. Additional QCTool licenses are $750. On computers with a registered QCTool license, you may also use a GX plug-in to perform the compensation directly in Geosoft Oasis.
Cost:$7000 with GX
 $5000 without GX

Magnetic Compensation PDF Documents